Allergy Patch Test

How to Prepare for Your Allergy Patch Test

Allergies are no joke, no matter when they come up or how they present themselves. Rashes and patches of eczema are two of the more visible ways they present themselves. The recommended testing for allergies that cause these reactions is a procedure called an allergy patch test, and Rao Dermatology

Spider Vein Removal

Common Questions About Sclerotherapy for Spider Vein Removal

If you hide your legs or arms because of spider veins, spider vein removal treatment from Rao Dermatology in Manhattan, NY may be the solution for you. Spider veins are named for their web-like formation, which occurs from dilated capillaries. Getting spider veins removed can restore confidence in your appearance

chemical peels

Five Things You Should Know About Chemical Peels in Manhattan

Underneath the surface of damaged skin is a spotless, wrinkle-free, and flawless complexion. At Rao Dermatology in Manhattan NY, we use chemical peels that are thoroughly tested and scientifically proven to help you achieve it. Since their invention, chemical peels have continuously been a top cosmetic treatment. It’s without a


Get a Boost with BOTOX

Advances in dermatology have changed the way we age for the better. If you feel like your appearance just isn’t reflecting how young and vital you feel on the inside, it might be time to consider BOTOX® in Manhattan, NY at Rao Dermatology. How it Works BOTOX® is the most

laser tattoo removal

The Biggest Myths of Laser Tattoo Removal Debunked

Laser tattoo removal has surged since the late 1990s as the procedure has become more professional with improved techniques. However, even though the procedure has increased in numbers, there are still a variety of myths and misconceptions that surround the idea of laser tattoo removal in NJ. So, to ensure


An Inside Look at How BOTOX Works

BOTOX® is a popular treatment at Rao Dermatology for smoothing out wrinkles. This injectable is created from a purified protein solution, and it affects the muscles on the face that are directly responsible for creating wrinkles. It is the most popular cosmetic treatment among women, and even men are jumping

laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal: Why Lasers are Ruling the Beauty World

Laser hair removal refers to a semi-permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth. A laser generates concentrated light, which is then absorbed by pigment thus destroying the follicles. In the end, it delays future hair growth. Professionals at Rao Dermatology can help you with the best hair removal solutions. The semi-permanent effectiveness

atopic dermatitis

What You Need to Know About Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic form of eczema. It commonly develops in childhood, before five years of age, but it can occur at any age. The word “atopic” comes from the Greek word meaning “strange”, and the word “dermatitis” means inflammation, which occurs when the skin comes into contact with

spider veins

Spider Veins: Treatment Options Available in Manhattan

Spider veins are thin web-like blood vessels on the legs, especially in the outer layer of skin. These veins are usually squeezed out when walking, running or doing any activity that stretches out the legs. If these veins are not treated, they can become very painful. If you are looking

dermal fillers

Dermal Fillers: Everything You Need to Know

Injectable dermal fillers can help you regain a youthful appearance by reversing the various signs associated with aging. The fillers administered by Rao Dermatology are used to improve the appearance of recessed scars, to plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, remove wrinkles, and soften facial creases. What are Dermal Fillers?


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