Laser Hair Removal: Why Lasers are Ruling the Beauty World

Laser hair removal refers to a semi-permanent reduction of unwanted hair growth. A laser generates concentrated light, which is then absorbed by pigment thus destroying the follicles. In the end, it delays future hair growth. Professionals at Rao Dermatology can help you with the best hair removal solutions. The semi-permanent effectiveness of laser hair removal is making it quite popular in the cosmetic world.
Here are some of the reasons lasers are ruling the beauty industry:

Lasers are Multipurpose

Top of the reasons lasers are trending in the beauty industry is the fact that you can use them on almost all parts of the body. For instance, did you know that there are laser hair removal ear treatments? These ones remove unwanted hair from your nose and/or ears.

In both women and men, the most popular areas to get treatment are back and legs.

Lasers Guarantee No Ingrown Hairs

Different from epilating, threading and waxing, you don’t have to put up with unsightly and painful ingrown hairs with lasers. Additionally, the last thing you need to worry about is tolerating irritation or razor burns. After laser hair removal your skin will be smooth, soft, and flawless every time.

The Procedure is Quick

Lasers release beams in sequential pulses. It takes less than one second to remove small pockets of hair. Treating some areas of the body is easier compared to others. Moreover, some areas take lesser time than others. Larger areas such as the back and legs normally take longer. However, even in such places, the procedure doesn’t take more than an hour.

No Waiting Time for Growth of Hair

With hair removal using a laser, there’s no need for surface hair. Actually, it’s prudent to shave immediately before the session. Doing so prevents the scorching of any surface hair. This is unlike with the other hair removal treatments such as waxing, which calls for long surface hair prior to a session.

Laser Hair Treatment is Cost Effective

Once you start hair removal with a laser, you no longer have to spend money on costly wax treatments, razors or depilatory creams. While it might sound expensive upfront, you’ll certainly save more in the long run. On top of saving you money, it also saves you time that you’d otherwise spend on waxing or shaving.

Tired of constantly waxing, tweezing, or shaving your hair? If yes, you should consider laser hair removal. Contact our team at Rao Dermatology today to schedule an appointment! We have locations in Manhattan, NY, Atlantic Highlands and Woodbridge, NJ, as well as Fresno and Hanford, CA.

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