How to Prepare for Your Allergy Patch Test

Allergies are no joke, no matter when they come up or how they present themselves. Rashes and patches of eczema are two of the more visible ways they present themselves. The recommended testing for allergies that cause these reactions is a procedure called an allergy patch test, and Rao Dermatology can help with this. If your doctor has recommended an allergy patch test for you, here are a few ways you can prepare.
No Sunlight On Your Back
For four weeks prior to the allergy patch test, you need to be sure your back is not exposed to sunlight – real or artificial. You may be in the habit of tanning, but that glow you love so much can make it more difficult to read the test results. Make it easier and skip your tanning salon appointments or plans to lay out in the sun for a while.
Avoid the Steroids
Another thing you will need to do before your allergy patch test is to stop using steroid creams a few days ahead of time. Continued use until the day of your appointment will likely affect the outcome of the tests. To make sure the results are as accurate as possible, ask your doctor about how long beforehand you should stop the use of your specific steroid cream.
Moisture Is Bad
In the twenty-four hours prior to your allergy patch test, set your moisturizers aside and talk yourself out of that relaxing bath if you add oils to the water. Allergy patch tests involve taping patches with potential allergens to your back. Bath oils and moisturizers will make it more difficult for the tape to adhere to your skin and keep the patch in place for the duration of the test. The exception to this rule is eczema cream. If you have a flair-up, use it. The test cannot be performed with patches of extensive eczema on your back.
Gather Everything Up
Before you go in for the allergy patch test, gather samples to take in. This includes ointments and creams (prescription or over-the-counter), cosmetics, and other items around your home that you use and suspect you may be allergic to. If possible, bring their packaging as well as a sample. Your doctor may be able to rule some of these things out based on what was used to make it.
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