Get a Boost with BOTOX

Advances in dermatology have changed the way we age for the better. If you feel like your appearance just isn’t reflecting how young and vital you feel on the inside, it might be time to consider BOTOX® in Manhattan, NY at Rao Dermatology.

How it Works

BOTOX® is the most common non-surgical cosmetic treatment in America. It is injected under the skin or into muscle and works by temporarily relaxing the muscle, thereby diminishing lines and wrinkles. The provider may use a numbing agent on the area beforehand to make you more comfortable. Men and women who undergo this treatment are left with the appearance of smoother skin. It’s a routine treatment at Rao Dermatology.

During the Treatment

Some areas with stubborn lines and wrinkles may need more than one injection. The treatment just takes a couple of minutes. It is minimally-invasive, so no recovery period is required. In fact, BOTOX® in Manhattan is considered a popular treatment over lunch because it is so quick.

What to Expect

Since the treatment doesn’t require any downtime, you can go back to your normal routine right away. Wrinkle relaxer injections at Rao Dermatology take effect quickly and last for a long time. You will start to notice a more revitalized appearance within a day or two. The full effects of your BOTOX® in Manhattan will take up to a week or two. The results generally last up to three months.

Factors That Affect Success

This treatment works best on people with moderate to severe wrinkles. Those are the eyes or in between the brows or around the mouth respond well. Your skin’s condition, as well as your age and diet, play a role in how well you respond to BOTOX®. Receiving occasional follow-up treatments will help keep your fresh look going.

The Ideal Candidate

If lines and wrinkles on your neck and face have you feeling frustrated, consider trying BOTOX® in Manhattan. Visit Rao Dermatology for a consultation and to find out if you’re a good candidate for this quick and easy procedure. Both men and women can receive this treatment, but pregnant and nursing women should not. Consider trying BOTOX® in Manhattan so you can look great and put your best face forward!

To see if BOTOX® is right for you, schedule a consultation today with the experts at Rao Dermatology in Manhattan.

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