Dangers of Treating Cysts on Your Own

Cysts, much like pimples and blackheads, are quite common skin problems that affect many people. Contrary to the images portrayed by celebrities and the media, almost no one has perfect, flawless skin. The urge to pick at blemishes or, worse, attempt to treat them with home remedies or self-surgery can


MesoNeedling for Hyperpigmentation Treatment

If you are the victim of hyperpigmentation, it can make you feel extremely self-conscious when darker patches appear on your skin. These areas of discoloration are caused by too much melanin forming deposits of pigmentation in your skin. While these dark spots are common as we age due to damage


Treating HPV with Antiviral Medication

If you have HPV, or the human papilloma virus, it can be really frustrating. There are actually over 150 viruses that are classified under the name of HPV. It’s extremely common and will usually go away by itself without causing any serious problems. However, there are times when the infection

allergy testing

Reasons to Consider Allergy Testing

More than 50 million people have allergic reactions to certain foods or materials in the United States. The ones who are aware of their allergic reactions to certain substances might not realize that there are other things they might be allergic to as well. The best way to find out


Advantages of Seeing a Board-Certified Dermatologist

It is widely understood that individuals who work in the medical community must undergo a rigorous training and educational process. During their training, they learn about how the human body works, pharmaceuticals and also how to interact with their patients. Then all of the training they receive at their university

Actinic keratosis

What is Actinic Keratosis?

Actinic keratosis is a medical condition that causes dry, scaly, rough patches to grow on the skin. While the condition can occur nearly anywhere on the body, it is most commonly found on the neck, scalp, face, ears, hands and arms. Actinic keratosis initially starts as an extremely small patch

varicose veins

Laser Treatment for Varicose Veins

If you suffer from varicose veins, you know how frustrating they can be. It’s more than a matter of the troublesome appearance of those wriggling, rope-like veins that mar your legs. They can really be painful. Your legs ache all the time and you feel like you are dragging heavy


Eliminate Frown Lines with BOTOX®

The visual signs of aging can cause anxiety as well as a loss of self-confidence. Facial features undergo changes as the skin becomes less moisturized and succumbs to the effects of gravity. A decrease in the amount of collagen production speeds up the wrinkling process. Frown lines and crow’s feet


Psoriasis Symptoms

There are several different types of psoriasis, and each type has slightly different symptoms. Most types have cycles where they cause problems for a few weeks or months, then subside and may even go away completely for a while. The most common type is plaque psoriasis, and the symptoms include:


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