Remove Your Double Chin Non-Surgically with Kybella®

Are there certain aspects of your appearance that you try to hide when others take pictures of you? It is very common for individuals who have a double chin to try to cover the chin area up with their hand when they are in a picture. Or they will wear scarves, turtlenecks or other clothing that will conceal the area when they know that pictures are going to be taken.

Unfortunately, dealing with a double chin is very frustrating. One of the reasons why it is so frustrating is because it is hard to hide. At least when you have pockets of fat on your abdomen or thighs, you can cover them with clothing. However, your double chin is there for the entire world to see.

Most individuals are not able to get rid of their double chin by just using diet and exercise. A person may have been overweight and worked hard to lose weight, but still be dealing with a double chin. There are a variety of methods that can be used to surgically remove the fat under your chin. Many have turned to liposuction to do this. However, the downside of using liposuction to get rid of a double chin is that a person will deal with scarring afterward, and they have to think about all of the risks that go with surgery. For many people, simply dealing with their double chin is better than going through a surgical procedure.

There is a new product that is available called Kybella®. It is a product that can be used to help you remove your double chin non-surgically. It is an injectable formula. When you come into our office for Kybella® treatments, we will simply inject the solution into the area under your chin. The amount of solution you need is going to be based on your particular circumstances and the amount of fat you have under your chin.

You may be wondering how Kybella® actually works. It contains a solution that kills the fat cells. Once they die, they are removed from the body naturally. This means that you are not going to see immediate results. However, in the days and weeks that follow the treatment, you are going to notice that the area under your chin begins to look slimmer and slimmer. It may be necessary for you to come back for multiple sessions to get the best results.

Kybella® has proven to be a safe and effective way to help individuals get rid of their double chin. Most people feel much more confident after their double chin has been removed. Instead of shying away from pictures, they feel proud to be front and center when photos are taken.

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