Ringworm fungal skin infection

Fungal skin infections are the most common infections that are encountered by physicians throughout the world. The two most common symptoms of fungal infection are itching and redness of the area targeted by fungal growth. Fungi usually finds warm, damp, moist and covered environment favorable for its growth, that’s why


Detection & Treatment of Melanoma at Rao Dermatology

Rao dermatology offers safe and non-invasive skin cancer detection and treatment methods along with expert staff, which are fully equipped with the latest knowledge and its application. The step by step detection and treatment is as follows:   1Dermatoscope The forefront of non-invasive pigmented lesion analysis makes it possible to


Human Papillomavirus (HPV)

Human papillomavirus is the most common sexually transmitted viral infection/disease (STD) affecting humans in their late teens or early twenties. More than 100 different varieties of HPV have been studied so far, some are responsible for mucous membranes or skin outgrowths (warts) and some can even cause skin cancer (cervical


Melanoma – Basic introduction

Melanocytes are the “melanin” – pigment producing cells located in the bottom layer of skin epidermis, eye, inner ear, vaginal epithelium, bones, heart and meninges (the three coverings of brain and spinal cord). Melanoma is the malignant tumor of melanocytes that typically shows its presence on the skin, mouth, intestines


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