Ringworm fungal skin infection

Fungal skin infections are the most common infections that are encountered by physicians throughout the world. The two most common symptoms of fungal infection are itching and redness of the area targeted by fungal growth. Fungi usually finds warm, damp, moist and covered environment favorable for its growth, that’s why human armpits, feet and groin are the most vulnerable areas. Ringworm infection, athlete’s foot, vaginal yeast infection and jock itch are the most common types of fungal infections.

Ringworm infection is commonly known as tinea corporis or dermatophytosis and resides on the dead cells of human body including hair, nails and skin. It is further renamed according to the area involved, for example, ringworm of the skin (Tinea Versicolor), ringworm of the hand, Ringworm of the nails (Tinea Unguium or Onychomycosis), ringworm of the nails, ringworm of the facial skin (Tinea Corporis – Faciei), ringworm of the scalp (Tinea Capitis) and ringworm of the feet (Tinea Pedis).

It is easily noticed as a raised ring-shaped itchy, scaly and red patch, which may spread out into several circular lesions. The border is raised or elevated while the inside of the circular lesion is flat but scaly. It is highly contagious and spread from direct skin to skin contact. Pets, towels, clothes, brushes, public showers, locker rooms and children who play in infected mud also fall into the category of getting infected or spreading the disease.

Keeping the skin clean and dry is the main general preventive measures; however, over the counter medicines and topical antifungals are available. Fungal infections are usually not life threatening, but are unsightly and usually become progressively more uncomfortable. In some cases, if left untreated, a fungal infection can become systemic in predisposed patients.

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