MesoNeedling for Hyperpigmentation Treatment

If you are the victim of hyperpigmentation, it can make you feel extremely self-conscious when darker patches appear on your skin. These areas of discoloration are caused by too much melanin forming deposits of pigmentation in your skin. While these dark spots are common as we age due to damage from exposure to the sun’s harmful rays, they can occur as a result of hormonal changes as well. Hyperpigmentation can affect both men and women. It can strike regardless of what skin color you have. If you are tired of looking at these dark spots and cosmetics are not enough to help you, MesoNeedling could be the answer to your problem.

Understanding MesoNeedling

MesoNeedling, also known as spot needling or mesotherapy, involves the use of a medical-grade digital needling device that is passed over the areas of concern on your face. The roller is covered with tiny needles. When they are rolled over your patches of hyperpigmentation, multiple microscopic punctures are made in the surface of your skin. These punctures are extremely tiny, but they will play an important role in providing you with improvement in the color of your skin.

How Can MesoNeedling Help Me Deal with Hyperpigmentation?

As the dermal roller goes to work to make tiny channels in your skin, it actually creates minor damage to your skin. This triggers your body’s natural repair processes. Your production of elastin and collagen, two substances that are vital for healthy skin, will increase. As a result, your skin will rejuvenate itself, resolving your pigmentation issues.

As an added bonus, other substances may be infused into your skin during the treatment to increase hydration of your skin. Unlike other types of treatments that are meant to resurface your skin, MesoNeedling does not cause any harm to the underlying epidermis. Since there is less trauma to your skin, it will mean a faster rate of recovery for you. As your skin begins to repair itself, you’ll notice improvement in your areas of hyperpigmentation.

What to Expect During Your MesoNeedling Session

Your treatment will be brief. The amount of time for your visit will depend on the level of hyperpigmentation. A series of treatments often yields the best results. Your treatments should be spaced out at least a month apart for the best results.

Ask Our Team About MesoNeedling for Hyperpigmentation

If other options have not helped you with hyperpigmentation, MesoNeedling may be the best solution for you. Talk to the experts at Rao Dermatology about the possibility of improving the condition of your skin with this minimally-invasive procedure that can help you to resurface your skin without dealing with the harsh effects of chemical peels. We have offices in Manhattan, Atlantic Highlands, Woodbridge, Fresno and Hanford. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more.

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