Dangers of Treating Cysts on Your Own

Cysts, much like pimples and blackheads, are quite common skin problems that affect many people. Contrary to the images portrayed by celebrities and the media, almost no one has perfect, flawless skin. The urge to pick at blemishes or, worse, attempt to treat them with home remedies or self-surgery can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. If you have a cyst and are contemplating a home remedy or attempting to perform home surgery, there are several reasons why you should instead seek the services of our experienced dermatological team.

The Risk of Infection

No matter how you go about attempting to treat cysts yourself, you will likely be making a break in the skin. While this allows the contents of the cyst to drain, it also opens you to infection. While it’s possible the infection may be superficial and contained to the skin, it’s equally likely that the infection may present deeper into the tissue and perhaps even invade your bloodstream. Infections are never to be taken lightly and can become serious quite quickly. It’s not worth the risk.

A Higher Chance of Scarring

When a medical professional treats a skin lesion such as a cyst, every attempt is made to make scarring as small and unobtrusive as possible. Such scars can fade away to nothing or only be visible in certain light. Home attempts, however, can leave you with a large, raised, unattractive scar. Even if you avoid infection, excess scar tissue can also form. Complications can be almost entirely avoided by having cysts treated by a professional.

Lack of a Concrete Diagnosis

While you may have had a cyst in the past or diagnosed yourself using pictures on the internet, it’s always possible that you are incorrect and the lesion isn’t so benign. The last thing you want is to disturb a tumor, a cancerous lesion or a nodule. Our professional will be able to diagnose you properly, which is integral to having a good outcome.

Fair Likelihood of Recurrence

Sebaceous cysts are among the most common cysts and are usually comprised of fluid or a cheese-like collection of sebum inside a sac. If the cyst is evacuated and any of the sac remains, the cyst will tend to reform. When this happens, you then have a cyst that is now complicated by scar tissue from your first effort to get rid of it. It’s easier to allow a professional to remove it, as they will be certain to remove the entire sac to prevent regrowth.

Professional Treatment Options

Removing a cyst using home remedies or self-surgery is a terrible idea. If you have a skin lesion you believe may be a cyst, schedule an appointment at Rao Dermatology. We would be delighted to treat the issue properly, leaving you with minimal scarring, a tiny chance of infection, a concrete diagnosis and peace of mind that it will likely not reform. With offices in Hanford, Fresno, Woodbridge, Atlantic Highlands and Manhattan, we have multiple treatment options available for cysts. Contact us today to request a consultation to learn more.

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