Spider Veins: Treatment Options Available in Manhattan

Spider veins are thin web-like blood vessels on the legs, especially in the outer layer of skin. These veins are usually squeezed out when walking, running or doing any activity that stretches out the legs. If these veins are not treated, they can become very painful.

If you are looking for effective ways to remove spider veins, look no further than Rao Dermatology. Patients in Manhattan and the surrounding areas can schedule a consultation with our medical team to learn more about our treatment options.


Several factors predispose an individual to spider veins. Some of the common factors include:

• Hereditary conditions and history of blood clots
• Activities that involve a lot of standing for long periods of time
• Hormonal imbalances during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause
• Medical and health conditions such as obesity, constipation, and tumors
• Use of birth control pills
• Physical factors such as exposure to the sun and injuries

When Should You See a Doctor About Spider Veins?

You should consult our medical team about spider veins if they begin to bleed or become red, swollen, or very tender to the touch. You should also see our experts if the appearance of the veins is stressing you out or any related symptoms are interfering with daily activities.

What are the Treatment Options Available? 

Treating spider veins is not something you can do yourself with home remedies. You will need to contact a specialist like Dr. Babar K. Rao. Our clinic locations in Manhattan, NY, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, Woodbridge, NJ, Fresno, CA and Hanford, CA offer several options to remove spider veins.

If you are concerned about the appearance of spider veins or experience pain while walking, the spider vein treatment options available at these clinics include:

1. Laser treatment

There are two different types of lasers for spider vein treatment. The type of laser used to treat your condition varies depending on the kind of veins you have. Many patients prefer this method because it does not bring noticeable scars after treatment and healing.

2. Sclerotherapy

Rao Dermatology clinics also use sclerotherapy to remove painful inflammatory blood vessels from the legs. This process involves the injecting problematic veins with a solution that damages the protruding veins, thus rerouting blood through healthier veins.

These spider vein treatment procedures are generally quick and painless. After treatment, the thin web-like blood vessels disappear completely after a month.

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