Five Things You Should Know About Chemical Peels in Manhattan

Underneath the surface of damaged skin is a spotless, wrinkle-free, and flawless complexion. At Rao Dermatology in Manhattan NY, we use chemical peels that are thoroughly tested and scientifically proven to help you achieve it. Since their invention, chemical peels have continuously been a top cosmetic treatment. It’s without a doubt that the treatment offers numerous skin benefits such as reversing breakouts, improving discoloration, and casting off dull skin cells on the surface.

Not convinced yet? Here are 5 things that you should know about getting a chemical peel in Manhattan, NY:

1. Old Is New Again

Long gone is the time when chemical peels hurt and left the skin looking worse. Over the years, the formulas have been refined, and so have the approaches that professionals use. The goal is no longer to cause visible peeling but to incorporate ingredients that improve your tone, build collagen, and reduce lines.

2. Your Skin Is Triggered to Look and Act Younger

The acids lift the dead cell skin layer thus triggering the living cells below your skin to generate a new layer and increase the production of collagen. The result is smoother skin that is radiant and receptive to skin-care products since there are no dead cells that hinder absorption.

3. Fully Customizable 

A dermatologist such as Dr. Rao prioritizes chemical peels that are highly-effective, safe and involve low risks. He understands how to use different acids to better your results. At the same time, he aims at a chemical peel treatment that has less irritation. Dr. Rao customizes the treatment to suit your specific skin type and to address specific concerns, especially on sensitive skin.

4. Say Goodbye to Your Concealer

Our trained dermatologists know how to safely remove your dark circles that are created by accumulated pigment. The chemicals can be distributed on the dark circles via a pen applicator.

5. An End to Acne Scars

The right chemical peel targets your deep skin layers. They unclog pores, erode blackheads and fade marks caused by pimples. The impressive results will last and continue to keep your pores clear over time. The best part is there is a low chance that acne will erupt again.

Getting Started

As you’ve seen, there are many reasons why you should book a chemical peel in Manhattan, NY. Contact us at Rao Dermatology for your initial consultation. You can trust us to offer you a tailor-made chemical peel treatment based on your lifestyle, current condition, skin type, and expectations.

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