Why Do I Need Allergy Patch Testing?

If you’ve been experiencing allergy symptoms such as itchiness, watery eyes, hives, lethargy, or redness of skin, an allergy test at our clinic in Manhattan, NY might be the right test for you. Allergens do not just occur in farms, flower fields or rural areas. A large city such as NYC is prime allergen territory, unfortunately, any time of year. Due to our global market, contact allergies in clothing or jewelry can also be a problem. Products may not be labeled correctly according to what materials are in them, and you may not even know what you are allergic to. An allergy test determines whether you have contact allergies. Contact allergies manifest in dermatitis, which can be raised, red and/or itchy areas on the surface of the skin. There are a variety of factors to consider when our doctor decides what to test on you during your allergy patch testing.

Jewelry Factors

If you wear jewelry that contains nickle or other special substances, you may be experiencing a reaction from these elements. An allergy patch test is an easy way for our dermatologist to decipher whether you are allergic to nickle.

Hair Factors

Hair dyes and other products such as shampoos or sprays may be causing your dermatitis. Dyes are notorious for their harsh, permanent chemicals and could put your skin at particular risk.

Fragrance Factors

Perfumes, air fresheners, fabric softeners, detergents, and other fragrance-based products that are applied to clothes may be causing an adverse reaction on your skin. It’s important to tell our doctor what kind of products you use so that these products can be accounted for in your allergy patch test.

What Makes Allergy Patch Testing Different From Other Tests?

Unlike prick testing, allergy patch testing occurs on the surface of your skin. You will need to make sure that your back, where the test takes place, stays away from the sun for several weeks before the test. After our dermatologist applies small test strips to your back, you will usually be able to complete the test within five days. Your role in the test is very passive, simply requiring you to leave the test strips on your back and return to the doctor for appointments in which your reaction to the allergy patch test strips is recorded.

Dr. Rao is available for allergy patch testing and will consult with you about the best ways for you to avoid and mitigate contact allergies. Contact the experts at Rao Dermatology in Manhattan, NY to schedule your initial consultation today!

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