When to Test for Allergies

Do you suffer from allergies which interfere with your normal daily routine? Are antihistamines no longer helping to control your symptoms? You may need an allergy test to identify exactly what allergens are causing reactions. At Rao Dermatology, we test for 64 allergens with our allergy patch test.
Allergic Reactions
Allergies are caused when the immune system has an abnormal reaction to foreign substances such as drugs, food, the environment, and animals. The immune system reacts by releasing the chemical histamine causing symptoms depending on what substances you are allergic to. For example, an allergen that you breathe in results in symptoms in the nose, mouth or lungs, while a food allergy will result in symptoms in the mouth, intestines, or stomach.
When to See a Doctor
While some allergic reactions are mild and controlled by antihistamines, other allergies can interfere with your daily life. Some allergies can also be life-threatening and cause anaphylaxis, which can cause your throat to swell and result in difficulty breathing. You should see a doctor if you have frequent allergy symptoms, and they will determine if an allergy patch test is necessary.
Allergy Patch Test
An allergy patch test is used to determine what causes allergic inflammation in the skin by producing a local allergic reaction. The patch can test for numerous substances including metals, leather, rubber, toiletries, and more. Food allergies are tested by determining what additives or flavors are causing allergic skin reactions. Foods allergens cause a hypersensitive reaction on parts of the skin which come into contact with the substances in food.
The Testing Process
The doctor gets an extensive history of your allergies and symptoms before applying the patches to your skin. Small amounts of a variety of allergens are applied to the skin in patches on your upper back. These patches stay in place for at least 48 hours before they are removed and areas are marked. These marks allow the doctor to see if the chemicals result in significant reactions over a few days. On the third visit, these markings are examined to determine which chemicals are causing allergic reactions.
If you suffer from allergies which make your daily routine difficult, then you may be a candidate for an allergy patch test. If you want to discuss your options about allergy patch tests, then call Rao Dermatology to schedule your consultation today. We test for many allergens, identify your triggers, and discuss options to control your allergy symptoms. We are conveniently located in Manhattan, NY, Atlantic Highlands and Woodbridge, NJ, and Fresno and Hanford, CA.

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