When to Consider Dermal Fillers in Manhattan

Maintaining our youthful appearance as we get older is a natural desire. However, many people aren’t particularly sure what options they have at their disposal to address this topic. There are over-the-counter solutions that might cover up an aged appearance, but a more effective solution is available. Dermal fillers in Manhattan is one of the many fantastic anti-aging treatments that is offered at Rao Dermatology. But before you step in for a consultation for dermal fillers, it’s also a good idea to learn a bit more about the treatment options you have. Not only will this give you the confidence you need to make that first step, but you’ll also get closer to the best aesthetic solution when discussing it with a specialist.

When is it Time to Consider Dermal Fillers?

This depends mostly on the elasticity and laxity of your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles can occur due to both age and lifestyle choices. This is where fillers come in. If you have permanent creases that you find are becoming more and more noticeable, then it is time to consider dermal fillers in Manhattan. Not only are they highly-effective and safe, but they’re also tremendously versatile. So regardless of the anti-aging treatment you’re looking to have in regards to fillers, dermal fillers can accommodate a myriad of requests.

What Fillers are Best for You?

Contrary to popular belief, not all fillers are created equal. It’s less about the filler itself and more about the techniques and application strategy. It also depends on the stages of skin wrinkling or creasing. If you have very thin lines, a light hyaluronic acid filler can get the job done. This will not only immediately address any kinds of wrinkling and weathering, but it will nourish the outer layers of the skin to facilitate rejuvenating results. This is a kind of filler with a lower viscosity, so a thinner application site will bear much better results for the long-haul in comparison to other fillers.

If you want to enlarge your lips, hyaluronic fillers are also a great option because again, a smaller site of the application doesn’t require a thicker filler. Now on the other hand, if you have more significant areas of creasing or wrinkling, that’s where a thicker, more viscous type of filler comes into play.

If you’re looking to enjoy dermal fillers in Manhattan, visit Rao Dermatology, with locations in Manhattan, Atlantic Highlands, Woodbridge, Fresno, and Hanford. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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