What you need to know about Post-Botox skin care?

Yes, you need to pamper your skin after having Botox treatment; otherwise, it may not give you the desired results or leave your face with an unnatural look, which obviously you do not want. Following are the post-Botox instructions which need careful attention:

  • Do not touch, massage or rub your skin area where Botox has been injected as it can lead to delocalization of injection from the target
  • Do not consume large amount of alcohol/alcoholic drinks
  • Do not overdo exercise, in other words, avoid heavy exercise that leads to sweating & increased body temperature
  • Do not seek any aesthetic skin treatment including facials, chemical peels etc. for the next two weeks
  • Do not shower with a warm water as it may be the cause of heating the treated area, causing delocalization of injected liquid
  • Do not put heavy chemical make-up immediately after treatment
  • Do not sleep/ lie down. Keep your head elevated or sit upright for at least four hours after seeking treatment
  • Do not take certain medicines (NSAIDs) as they make the blood consistency thin, so chances of delayed healing/bruising of injection site are more. The solution is pre-treatment consultation with physician and switching to other medicines
  • Do not go out in the sun without the application of sun block

The results may take 1-2 weeks to appear. Give it time & do not panic or speed-up the things as haste makes waste. Consult your doctor immediately if you encounter any side effect that may seem severe.

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