What is TATTOO?

People fall in love with their body modifications with indelible or temporary pigments, dyes and inks etched into their skin forever, termed as “TATTOO”. It is divided into three main divisions, known as, Symbolic, Pictorial or Decorative tattoo. Symbolic tattoo indicates a particular importance of a certain symbol, which has a direct or indirect message for others, for example, a heart tattoo, is a symbol of love and affection. Pictorial tattoo denotes the emotions for a specific person or item related to any specific life event. Decorative tattoo have no particular relation with any person, item or memory.

The other types of tattoos include Traumatic tattoos (in which a substance gets rubbed in the open traumatic or accidental wound/ Coal miners develop such tattoos due to continuous coal exposure), Subcultural connotations (in which the status, rank, caste, religion, sex, slavery, punishments can be judged or identified by others), Identification (people, animals and dead bodies are tattooed for identification purpose), Cosmetic (eyebrows and lips enhancement/ moles on face/ breast or nipple tattoo after removal of breast due to cancer), Functional (other than esthetic purpose) and Medical (to locate the targeted areas for multiple invasive procedures at the same location).

All the pigments and dyes used for tattoo formation are extracted from natural sources followed by mixing of different shades. Inorganic materials like titanium dioxide, iron oxide, azo dyes, quinolone, ash derived dyes, carbon-based pigments are commonly used. The pigment is injected into the dermis layer of the skin which is underlying to epidermis (the top layer). The pigment cells are engulfed by the immune cells of the body and later, a connective tissue is formed by collagen of the body. The upper layer peels off and the pigment is remained trapped among the immune cells in the deeper layer of the skin.

Tattooing, post tattoo care and laser tattoo removal are the trendiest procedures and must knowledge should be possessed by all tattoo lovers.

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