Tattoo removal

Sometimes, a tattoo wearer wants a new different tattoo on the pre-tattooed skin surface. The size, style, color and the skill of the tattoo artist are the major factors that affect the invisibility of the previous tattoo. However, sometimes, the old tattoo is still visible and has to be removed before carving another tattoo. Sometimes, the scenario is like people want to remove their tattoos permanently due to social or religious constraints. It is now possible for removing tattoo partially or fully by non-invasive procedures and getting flawless skin back.

The big particles are difficult to be removed from the body automatically. The tattoo is removed with lasers that break down the ink particles into smaller particles efficiently. The immune cells of the body can easily remove or engulf the broken smaller ink particles. However, it is basically depends on the light absorption spectrum of the pigment. The laser beam should have an emission energy that falls within the absorption spectra of the pigment to be removed. The light colors like yellow, are more difficult to remove completely because their absorption spectra does not fall in the range of the emission spectra of the laser beam. However, modern technologies and innovations have introduced Q-switch lasers that can kill broad-range of the pigments effectively over a number of multiple visits. The color of the laser light should penetrate the skin, reach and absorbed sufficiently by the tattoo pigment to be removed. The time duration of the laser beam is also important as the longer duration can cause burns to the skin. A fractionated CO2 or Erbium: YAG laser, alone or in combination with Q-switched lasers have been proved efficient in removing broad range tattoo pigments.

Since each tattoo is different and unique in its own style, color and depth. Not all tattoo artists can handle the tattoo removal efficiently. Book an appointment with Rao Dermatology for a problematic tattoo…

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