Who does not long for perfectly balanced facial features? It is said that a balanced facial features have the ability to raise the confidence level of people. The main central part of the face “nose” comes in various sizes & shapes. It can be round or pointed, short or long, broad or narrow, bulbous or refined, symmetrical or asymmetrical. However, the unwanted shape or appearance of nose can be changed or modified with instant results by non-surgical Rhinoplasty at Rao Dermatology.

Rhinoplasty is the plastic surgery performed on a nose. By injecting certain dermal fillers, the asymmetrical, injurious or unattractive nose can be corrected to give an attractive appearance without any surgery or unwanted scars. The procedure is noninvasive so no fear of surgery related marks or scars. The patient can perform daily activities right after the surgery, however, minor post treatment effects such as swelling can retain up to 24-48 hours, which later goes away on its own. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty results stay for a year or so followed by maintenance phase.

If there is any esthetic concern related to the size or shape of your nose. Do not hesitate to call us at RAO DERMATOLOGY. We will deal with your issue without any scar formation.

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