Literature reveals that patients are being PRP treated since 1980’s to speed up recovery of injured tendons, ligaments and muscles. It is of no surprise that a person’s own platelet rich plasma can be used as a therapeutic treatment for hair loss as well. It not only promotes hair regrowth from the already present hair follicles by enhancing blood supply, also thickens the hair shafts for stronger hair. The treatment requires no surgeries and is quite affordable. It has the added benefit of no longer appointments, the PRP can be injected in few minutes and you can go back to routine tasks after that.

The three steps of PRP-treatment can be summarized as follows for better understanding:

three steps

Before PRP has jumped into the pool of hair loss remedies, people were seeking help through lotions, medicines, gels, hair transplants or laser therapies. Most of the times, they did not get the desired results or sometimes the situation got even worse. Platelet rich plasma has got some growth favorable proteins known as “growth factors”, that kick-start healing or hair regrowth. Normally, there is no side effect of PRP treatment; however localized calcification, scarring or needle prick injuries can occur.

We can confidently say that PRP treatment is non-surgical, affordable and a good option for patients suffering from androgenic alopecia (genetic condition marked by receding hair line with eventual hair loss from frontal areas of the head). If your hair loss issue is troubling you or diminishing your confidence, call us. Rao Dermatology experts will deal with your issues till it gets resolved permanently.

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