Multivitamins – Knowledge for glowing, healthy skin

A healthy, glowing and plump skin is a core desire of everyone but do you know, you can have it by just modifying your life by eradicating depression, stress and anxiety. Such psychological issues have long lasting effects on the skin, hair and nails. Stress free environment plays an integral part in the lifecycle of skin cells. Besides this, do you know that a simple addition of some essential nutrients in life can accelerate or trigger the beauty of your skin? Yes, those main multivitamins are

Vitamins A, C and E is necessary for collagen production and improving tissue blood supply that keeps skin taut and firm, so a lack of vitamin C can contribute to skin sagging and aging. It is also an amazing antioxidant that protects skin from damage due to sun, pollution and the wear and tear of everyday life by nullifying the effect of free radicals. Omega-3 fatty acids removes the dryness of tissues and provides excellent lubrication. Vitamin B-7 (Biotin) is used by body to produce healthy skin cells.

Vitamin Sources
A sweet potatoes, beef liver, spinach, carrots, pumpkin pie
C red sweet pepper, orange juice, oranges, grapefruit juice, kiwifruit
E wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, almonds, safflower oil, hazelnuts
Omega-3 flaxseed oil, chia seeds, English walnuts, salmon, herring
B-7 beef liver, eggs, salmon, pork, ground beef

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