Medical Dermatology vs Cosmetic Dermatology

There was a time when you went to the dermatologist because you had a problem with your skin. They would address that problem pharmaceutically and then send you on your way. Even though dermatologists were concerned with making your skin look good, they were primarily concerned with helping you have as healthy of skin as possible.

Now the world of dermatology has been divided into two very distinct camps: medical and cosmetic. Since both of these camps involve the skin, many people ask themselves, “What is the difference between medical dermatology vs cosmetic dermatology?”

On the one hand, cosmetic dermatology uses the latest in non-invasive technologies, such as BOTOX® injections, and other therapies solely to help patients enhance their appearance. It could be that the patient’s skin is perfectly healthy; however, the patient wants to look different, or they want to adjust their appearance so that they feel better.

On the other hand, you have medical dermatology. This focuses on providing the traditional therapies that dermatologists have provided for decades. It involves patients who have medical issues that are affecting their skin.

Due to the growing popularity of cosmetic procedures, more dermatologists are starting to combine medical dermatology services with cosmetic dermatology services. The proof of this can be seen by a report published by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. According to this report, since the late 90s, the number of cosmetic dermatologists has increased by more than 220 percent.

With locations in Manhattan, Atlantic Highlands, Woodbridge, Fresno and Hanford, Rao Dermatology has split our practice between cosmetic dermatology and medical dermatology. Dr. Rao understands the importance of maintaining a high-quality practice that provides both medical and cosmetic services. It is by building his base of knowledge and understanding when it comes to traditional medical dermatology issues that he is able to improve the services that he provides to clients who come in for purely cosmetic issues.

While it is interesting to watch the path that dermatology is taking, it is important to note that regardless of if Dr. Rao is dealing with the cosmetic side of things or the medical side of things, both camps are working in tandem to improve the services that he provides to his clients.

So when it comes down to medical dermatology vs cosmetic dermatology, at Rao Dermatology, there is really no competition between the two. Whether you have a mole that needs medical attention or you simply want a light chemical peel, Dr. Rao and his team of well-trained professionals are here for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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