EUROTHREADS – Skin uplifting treatment

With the growing age, it is natural to experience skin sagging & folding, which sometimes, raises esthetic concerns. People seek home solutions to get skin tightening or skin uplifting effects. Many uplifting procedures have been known to the medical world & Euro threads treatment is one of those noninvasive skin uplifting procedures.

Euro threads are resorbable threads composed of biopolymer “polydioxanone – PDO”. The threads are placed under the skin where they promote collagen production – a natural organic material that gives skin youthful appearance. The procedure takes no more than an hour to be completed. Soreness, minimal bruising or swelling is the common after effects which do not require focused attention.  The fine lines or wrinkles go away leaving a supple skin behind. The thread is resorbed on its own within a time span of 6-8 months however skin uplifting can be visible for up to one & half years.

Thread lifting is mainly done for face & neck, however; it can be done to other body areas as well for cosmetic reasons. The areas treated by euro threads cover:

  • Saggy cheeks
  • Saggy neck area
  • Saggy jawline
  • Fine lines around the oral cavity
  • The outer border of upper lip
  • Cleavage and other body areas

Euro threads are a great option if you want instant results even without a non-surgical skin uplifting. You are an ideal candidate or not, let us decide. Call us & talk to our derma experts at RAO DERMATOLOGY. We are just a call away…

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