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Free radicals are the molecules in the environment that have the potential to damage skin by reducing the elasticity of collagen. Collagen is vital for strengthening blood vessels and giving skin its elasticity and strength. The degradation of collagen causes wrinkles and other skin issues. Such skin issue is markedly treated by giving a soothing antioxidant facial. Antioxidants are actually the free radicals fighters. They are naturally occurring substances that slows down ageing process by nullifying the effect of free radicals. They also have the ability to brighten the dull skin, remove fine lines and instantly give a fresh look.

The treatment begins by applying a cleanser which thoroughly cleanses the skin pores and removes dirt particles. The cleansing step is followed by applying a toner that matches the skin pH. The third step is an application of an exfoliating mask which exfoliates or sheds away the dead skin cells, hence, promotes healthy skin growth. The fourth step is removing blackheads or whiteheads or pimples followed by the final application of a layer enriched with vitamins (A, C, E), growth factors and minerals.

 The core ingredients are infused into the skin, promoting new cellular growth, slows down ageing effects, pigmentation marks, uneven skin, scaly patches, fragile skin and pre skin cancers. If you have any skin issue that you think is due to aging effect or environmental factors, call us at RAO DERMATOLOGY. We are waiting to fight with your skin damaging free radicals.

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