Eliminate Regretful Ink with Laser Tattoo Removal

Of all the people in the United States who have tattoos, 50 percent of them would like to have them removed. There are several ways to have tattoos removed, but laser tattoo removal is by far the best option. The main reason is that it is very effective and rarely leaves a scar. It can be done in several short treatments, depending on the size, place on the body and the type of ink in the tattoo.

If you have a tattoo you would like to have removed, you may consider laser tattoo removal if:

• You are unhappy with the design. You may not regret getting the tattoo, but do not like the outcome, and since it is permanent, you would rather not live the rest of your life with a design you do not like. In some cases, the person hates the tattoo the minute it is finished because it does not meet their expectations.

• The location of the tattoo is all wrong. You may like the design and execution, but regret the location on your body. You may not have realized that it would be so prominent.

• You have made an impulsive decision to get a tattoo and now feel that you will regret it for the rest of your life. Today, laser tattoo removal can fix all of that.

• You think you can improve a tattoo that you do not like anymore by changing it with a cover-up tattoo. While this may work in some cases, many cover-ups go wrong and make a mess of both tattoos.

• Your tattoo is so prominent that it is inhibiting your ability to get the job you want.

• Your tattoo celebrates a person you no longer admire. This may be a celebrity, a sports person or a girlfriend or boyfriend.

There are also more personal reasons to consider laser tattoo removal. For example:

• It was trendy when you got it, but now it is not
• You just want it gone
• It is in a foreign language and it doesn’t say what you thought it said
• It is misspelled
• You got it just to irritate your parents

Laser tattoo removal uses laser light waves to break the pigment in a tattoo into tiny pieces that are absorbed and eliminated by your body. Just as there are different colors of tattoos, there are different laser wavelengths for each color.

Tattoos are fun, beautiful and meaningful for many people, but about half of the people with tattoos want them gone. With laser tattoo removal, this is no longer a problem. During a consultation with our expert at Rao Dermatology, you can learn more about the procedure, and get an idea of about how many sessions it may take to remove your tattoo completely.

Our specialists can help you have clear, smooth skin again. We have locations in Manhattan, Atlantic Highlands, Fresno and Hanford. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more.

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