Is Your Eczema Worse during the Winter? We Can Help!

Winter is here, and many of our patients find that the cooler weather makes their eczema worse. At Rao Dermatology, we can help you weather the storm with our state-of-the-art treatments that can help to relieve your discomfort. If you are in the greater New York City area, call us today to schedule your consultation today! Our team will work with you to craft a fully personalized plan of treatment that can bring you the relief that you need all year round.
Medication Coupled with Lifestyle Changes Can Make a Difference
Even though eczema is not a dangerous or life-threatening condition, it can cause you a lot of discomfort and may even make you feel self-conscious. Many patients find that the most effective approach includes both prescription medication and a complete overhaul of their lifestyle and diets. Through a process of elimination, certain triggers in both diet and lifestyle habits can be discovered and then avoided. If you would like to decrease the frequency and severity of your eczema flare-ups, this is typically the best approach.
The Difference Between Endogenous and Exogenous Cases
Simply put, endogenous cases are triggered by inflammation or another occurrence within the body, while exogenous cases start with an external trigger. Exogenous eczema is usually more straightforward and simpler to treat. Patients who suffer from endogenous eczema may find themselves struggling to find relief. Internal inflammation can be caused by many different factors, and it can be difficult to isolate the triggers that can be avoided through changes in diet and lifestyle.
No matter what type of eczema you have, relief is possible through the right combination of medication along with the avoidance of any triggers you might have. Skin care is another important facet of treatment, and the most effective and comprehensive treatment will contain all three aspects for the best results. You no longer need to suffer from eczema and hope that your condition just goes away on its own. Proper medical attention can help you move forward and no longer worry about eczema flare-ups that can be worse during the winter months. Cold weather and the dry air caused by indoor heating systems can make this time of year even worse.
Now is the time to take action and begin to feel relief from your eczema symptoms. Give the office of Rao Dermatology a call today to schedule your consultation in Manhattan, NYC. We are conveniently located in Manhattan, NY, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, Woodbridge, NJ, Fresno, CA, and Hanford, CA.

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