Eczema – Things you need to know

An Itchy, red, swollen, cracked, leathery or scaly skin patches are the identification marks of the most common type of eczema i.e. atopic eczema. It is a non-contagious, periodically flaring up skin condition that affects children mostly but can occur at any age. There are several different types of eczema including:

  • Atopic dermatitis
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Dishydrotic eczema
  • Discoid eczema
  • Varicose eczema

The etiology of eczema is a gene mutation that decreases the skin’s ability to fight against allergens, irritants and bacteria. The chances to pass on to offspring are greater if both parents are suffering from the condition. There is no cure for eczema; however, triggering factors can be controlled to prevent recurrence or severity of the condition. The following environmental factors also play an important role in flaring up the symptoms:

  • Soaps, detergents, shampoos, disinfectants
  • Fresh juices, meat, dairy products, eggs, wheat
  • Dust, pollen, mold, dandruff, viruses, fungi and certain bacteria
  • Sudden temperature change
  • Hormonal imbalance during menstrual cycle or pregnancy

Topical or systemic corticosteroids, antifungals, antivirals, antibiotics, moisturizers and phototherapies can medically retrace the steps of the condition backwards. However, even the skin patches are cleared, a follow up is necessary to prevent further sudden triggering of the disease. Certain home remedies and self-care steps need to be practiced by every patient to support skin health including:

  • Avoid sweating
  • Lukewarm baths followed by towel tapping
  • Daily moisturizer
  • Avoiding hard or rough fabric
  • Avoid harsh soaps or detergents
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes
  • Keep hygienic level up to the mark

Eczema, if left untreated, can limit the fun in life. If you are facing any such skin condition, do not hesitate to pick up your phone and book an appointment with Rao Dermatology. Our derma experts examine, diagnose, treat & follow-up the patient patiently & efficiently.


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