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Clear skin is a beauty feature that is highly desirable for those conscious about their looks. Age and other risk factors such as venous insufficiency can lead to the development of veins that are visible beneath the skin. Flesh-colored, rope-like veins are called varicose veins, while smaller veins are known as spider veins. If spider veins make you feel embarrassed or cause you to hide your skin, spider vein removal treatment at Rao Dermatology can help clear them away!
Spider Vein Facts 
As the name suggests, spider veins tend to appear as a webbed formation of blue, red, or purple veins. These tiny veins, commonly seen on the leg or face, are due to swollen blood vessels within the lower layer of the skin. Poor blood circulation due to things like prolonged sitting can cause veins to swell, but the problem is not considered a medical condition. Clients typically choose spider vein removal for aesthetic reasons.
Types of Spider Vein Removal
Sclerotherapy and laser therapy are two treatments used to reduce the appearance of spider veins. The choice of treatment depends primarily on the size of the veins and the severity of the condition. They are both effective and can produce lasting results if done correctly and certain lifestyle adjustments are made, e.g. wearing compression stockings.
Sclerotherapy Spider Vein Removal
Sclerotherapy is a quick and safe spider vein treatment performed by a dermatologist or vein specialist. It involves the use of a sterile liquid or foam substance called a “sclerosant.” The treatment is done by injecting the substance into the affected veins and is more suitable for larger spider veins. The sclerosant will irritate the veins and cause them to close and shrink.
Laser Therapy for Spider Veins
Laser spider vein treatment has become the therapy of choice for veins on the cheek, nose, or chin. These areas of sensitive skin need a gentler procedure. Special laser devices are used to apply gentle heat energy to the affected veins. Once treated, the veins become disabled, shrink, and disappear into the body tissue.
What Results Can I Expect from Spider Vein Removal?
Whether sclerotherapy or laser spider vein treatment is used, you can expect to see fewer veins within the following 6 to 12 weeks. The skin will appear clearer during this time as the treated veins gradually fade away. While these veins will not return, new veins can form over time due to aging or risk factors such as pregnancy, obesity, or a vascular condition such as varicose veins. Fortunately, additional treatments can be done to maintain the results.
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