Common Causes of Cysts

Cysts are non-cancerous, enclosed, sac-like structures that may be filled with cellular debris, liquid or gas. Typically benign, these abnormal formations can be triggered by an infection, a clogged sebaceous gland or a plugged duct that the body uses to release secretions. Other potential risk factors associated with the development of cysts include genetic predisposition, malformed cells and injuries, as well as tumors or parasites. Cysts can afflict anyone regardless of race or gender.

While cysts can appear anywhere on the body, sebaceous cysts are usually found on the scalp, face and back. Skin cysts vary in size and may feel like a new lump or bump on or underneath the skin. These cysts are usually slow-growing and smooth to the touch. Skin cysts are typically painless unless the outer layer of the sac ruptures and the site becomes infected or inflamed.

Although cysts can disappear naturally, they usually require treatment, which varies depending on the cause, size and location of the cyst. Without medical treatment, a cyst will continue to grow and can detract from your appearance or become painful and infected. In some cases, the cyst must be drained using a sterile needle and syringe in order to relieve the symptoms. While surgical treatment may be required for larger cysts, the procedure is typically performed in an outpatient setting. The cyst will be biopsied if there is any suspicion of cancer.

If the cyst is due to an underlying chronic medical condition, treatment is generally directed toward managing the illness to prevent future occurrences. As a result, individuals should not attempt to drain or collapse a cyst on their own. Do not attempt to squeeze the cyst like a pimple. You should consult our professional health care practitioner for proper care and treatment. Surgical removal is often the only viable long-term cure that prevents a reoccurrence. It also significantly reduces the risk that any bacteria inside the cyst could cause a secondary infection.

If you or a loved one has a cyst, schedule an appointment to discuss your treatment at Rao Dermatology. We have locations in Manhattan, Atlantic Highlands, Fresno and Hanford. During the consultation, our physician will evaluate your medical history, including when the cyst first appeared and whether you experienced any recent injuries or have a genetic predisposition for the condition.

This information and a thorough examination will help our doctor identify the possible cause of the cyst and determine the best course of treatment. Our experienced staff will also discuss any post-treatment care required to enhance your comfort and recovery. Contact us today to schedule your consultation to learn more.

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