Causes and Treatment Options for Cysts

Cysts are pockets of tissue that are filled with pus or another fluid. You do not have to be alarmed if you have a large bump on your body that appears to be a cyst because they are all noncancerous.

Cysts are a very common medical condition that can appear on just about any part of your body. While they are usually painless, cysts are a very annoying condition that can be easily treated.

There are several different conditions that cause the formation of cysts on your body, but almost all of them are completely unavoidable.

While it is not very common, children can be born with cysts because of defects in their development while in the womb.

Cysts in adults are usually cause by the blockage of fluid or small infections. It is very common for your oil glands to become clogged from normal use as you age, which is the primary cause of cysts in adults.

It is a good thing that cysts are so easy to treat since you can’t do anything about their development. While cysts are completely painless if they are not infected, they will never go away on their own without treatment. The cyst will just continue to get larger as it fills up with more clogged fluid.

You may think that you do not need to see the doctor if you are not in pain, but nobody wants a giant lump sticking out on their body that is only going to get bigger.

You should seek immediate treatment for your cysts if they start to cause too much of a nuisance or are becoming painful. The most common treatment for cysts involves draining them of their fluid.

We will carefully pierce the cyst and allow the fluid to slowly drain out of your body. This will not cure the cause of your cyst, but it will remove the annoying lump from your body.

Since the cause of your cyst is not fixed, you may end up developing another cyst in the same spot in the future.

Chronically recurring cysts and extremely large cysts can be treated with surgery. The draining treatment method may not be effective, so surgery is the only treatment option available.

This surgery is relatively simple, so you will be able to go back to your normal activities shortly after the procedure is completed.

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