Benefits of Kybella® Injections

One of the most common complaints people have as they get older or put on weight is that they develop stubborn fat deposits under their chin. This condition, known medically as “submental fullness”, is commonly known as a double chin. Even after a person loses a significant amount of weight, stubborn fat may still remain under the chin.

Until recently, the only method for reducing a double chin was to have a liposuction procedure performed. However, many people wanted a less invasive procedure that accomplished the same goal with minimal downtime. Fortunately, the FDA approved a treatment called Kybella®. This injectable can treat a double chin by melting away chin fat.

What is Kybella®?

Kybella® is a synthetic, patented type of solution which occurs naturally and helps metabolize fat in our diets. It works by altering the membrane of fat cells. When it reaches the fat cells, it affects the fat cell’s membrane.

Once this occurs, each fat cell loses its fat content, and the body will then absorb this fat as it does normally with dietary fat. Kybella® is only approved for use under the chin and requires skillful administration.

Is Kybella® Similar to Liposuction?

No. The two treatments are very different. One difference is that Kybella® treatment uses a needle to inject the product, which breaks down fat. It is also non-invasive. In contrast, liposuction is an invasive procedure with significant side effects and requires some downtime. It also requires anesthesia.

If there is a very large amount of fat under the chin, liposuction may be required. However, most patients can be treated safely and effectively with Kybella® in a non-invasive way.

What is Recovery Like?

You may notice some minor discomfort and redness after your treatment, but this goes away by itself. Your results from your treatment with Kybella® should be permanent, as the fat cells do not return once they are affected and absorbed by your body.

The clinical trials required for FDA approval found that those who were treated with Kybella® and subsequently gained weight did not form another double chin. So nothing is required if you gain weight after your treatment.

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