Allergy patch test

Allergy is a hypersensitive immune response by the body to a particular harmless substance, especially food, pollen, fur, or dust and includes hay feverfood allergiesatopic dermatitisallergic asthma, and anaphylactic shock. Both genetic and environmental factors play an important role in the onset of allergic diseases. Immunoglobulin E antibodies IgE bind to the foreign substance “allergen” and the immune cells release anti-inflammatory chemical known as histamine. Allergic reactions, if uncontrolled, can prove fatal and the pre diagnosis of different allergies is must knowledge, which can be through proper medical history, blood or skin patch test.

A recurrent rash is a positive sign of a continuous contact with a specific allergen and an allergy patch test is highly recommended in such cases. This test is used to identify the allergy causing substance by bringing in contact that particular substance with the body. Any chemical present in make-up, perfumes or any metallic jewelry especially made of nickel and artificial gold can be the cause of contact dermatitis.

At Rao dermatology, we offer 64 different allergens to be tested and the whole procedure requires three sittings. The first sitting let the dermatologist apply the allergen test to the body and after that, sweating, bath, or any topical lotion or cream application should be avoided. The next sitting is called after 48-72 hours of patch application and involves patch removal followed by detailed analysis of the skin by the expert dermatologist. The third visit is called after 24-48 hours of the second visit and involves the final analysis and skin examination. Some allergic reactions are quick and some take time to appear on the skin. The third visit covers all the details and the dermatologist guides the patient about the complete list of allergens.

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